CURRENT DEVELOPMENT OF INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER IN CHINA AND ITS UPGRADING: by Dr. Feng Kui, October 2008. Since most part of his presentation was written in Chinese, I am unable to give a clear picture about his presentation. However, as it is publicly known, China is very successful in developing its special economic zones (SEZs)and industrial estates. China began the establishment of the SEZs and industrial estates in early 1970s mostly at the coastal sides of the country and this bring China to the level of success as we can witness today. For more information, please visit:

THE THREE STRATEGIES OF CHINA IN INDUSTRIAL TRANSFER: by Mr. Tang Hua, from Hubei Department of Commerce, PRC, October 2008. This is a highly recommendable reading material for developing countries officials to observe how the industrial transfer could work effectively, based on balance and mutual benefit for the involving parties. For more information, please visit:

Indonesia – Strategic Roads Infrastructure Project : restructuring (Vol. 1 of 2) : Main report

Source: The World Bank, August 2011.

The objectives of the Strategic Roads Infrastructure Project are to sustain competitiveness of regional economies and social well-being by reducing congestion and transport costs along key arterial road transport corridors, and enhance road sector management capacity. The project became effective in November 2007 and has been implemented toward the loan closing date of December 31, 2011. The project however has experienced some delays in achieving critical milestones, and it necessitates a restructuring. The changes are an extension of the closing date by 18 months, modification of a few performance indicators and target values, reduction of project scope to cope with the fund shortage, and associated reallocation of loan proceeds. The project had a conversion from variable spread loan to fixed spread loan on August 9, 2009, and the new Loan was assigned accordingly. A modification of Performance Indicators (PI) is to better capture the achievement of the originally intended objectives. These are in four categories, i.e. (i) revision of PI, (ii) addition of PI, (iii) drop of PI, and (iv) change of target values.

See the complete report at the PDF format by clicking here.

Indonesia – Strategic Roads Infrastructure Project : restructuring (Vol. 2 of 2) : Data sheet

See the complete report at the PDF format by clicking here


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