By: Neneng R Tarigan

The Indonesian government plan to increase the price of premium  oil, has received various reaction from number of political parties, students/activists and quite a number of people all over Indonesia. As usual, there is always pros and cons in every policy. As an independent writer (note: I dare not call myself as an analyst) my opinion towards this policy is clear that I do not favor the policy, though the price of oil in international market is sky rocketing due to the political situation  in oil-producing country in Africa such as in Nigeria and most particularly in countries in the Middle East such as Libia, Iraq and Iran as the largest oil-producing countries in the world!
The rapid increase of international oil price is inseparable with the interest of developed countries like the United States of America and its allies towards continues supply of oil which fortunately parallel to their interest to fight the terrorist, “Weapon of Mass Destruction” and the “Enaction of Democracy”, part of which I think just a bull shit!
Being an oil-producing country, and a country with Muslim majority that strategically located between two continents (Asia and Australia) and two oceans (Indian Ocean and the Pacific), Made Indonesia under the microscope of the Developed Nations, especially after so many terrorist attack occurred in this archipelago country!
I clearly understand that the increase of international oil price has a great effect to the government budget, because Indonesia also an oil importing country due to its inability to produce refined oils and giving the subsidy to the price of oil gas for the people as tasked by the Indonesian Constitution 1945!
However, to my point of view, there are many ways that the govt can take to revive the government budget despite of increasing the price of premium oil such as by reducing government spending, postponing some unnecessary spending for the parliament and government facilities, introducing the use of non oil energy vehicles and electricity etc, etc. Nevertheless, everyone knows that the easiest way to revive the government budget yes by implementing the policy of increasing the price of oil with hopes that it would also help recovered the popularity of the ruling party (Democratic Party/Partai Demokrat) which is now under test because of the corruption cases that involved many of their members.
They hoped by allowing direct financial assistance in the amount of IDR 25 trillion for 18 million Indonesian poor house holds, or help the poor a financial assistance of IDR 150,000/ household/month or equal to USD 18 per month (25 litter of premium oil) until 9 months, the party could get back a full support from the people or at least from their constituents.
The problem actually, the issue of the policy itself has already triggered the hikes of food prices that would even become worse if the policy is taken and contribute a multiplier effect to the price of electricity and transportation! Many people agreed with the government policy because they are afraid of the punishment if disagreeing. Some will organize demonstration to stop the government of taking the unpopular policy that as I too  believed will affect the cost of living of ordinary citizens! The demonstrations are unstoppable and tension getting heat between the government who involved all of the arm forces to control the demonstrates and the people.
As always students stand in the very front line to protect the people interest with all consequences even with their own life! That reminds me of the accident in 1998, where the most polite and most popular president of Indonesia (Suharto) with full backed-up of the arm forces and the parliament was unable to stand and was crippled by the people’s power!
I wish, history will not repeat and there will be mutual understanding between the policy makers and the people.
People are tired living in poverty, but that does not allowed any policy makers to make use of people economic condition in jeopardy by helping them temporarily only to gain benefit to win the 2014 general election!
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INTERNATIONAL POLITICS: Why does the UN Votes Against Israel.



Can we call someone a traitor if only because he wanted to change an authoritarian regime he had to create a false info and invited foreign forces to interfere with his country’s internal problems and that later costs a great massacre in his own country?

My eyes were caught by a little column at Time Magazine, February 28,2011 edition page 9 under Briefing section entitled: “Throwing a Curve Ball at the Iraq War”. This article says among others, how Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi admitted in his interview with the UK’s Guardian that he lied about the existence of secret biological weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction/WMD) in Iraq in order to instigate regime change.

I wonder, what is he aiming at by admitting his lies now, a repent of course not for a person like him, very possibly only to pursue  popularity and  most delinquent seat or  great amount of rewards for what he assumed as his white lies!

What happened in Iraq in 2003 for whatever reasons, to me was a massacre, a genocide. So many innocent people died and I don’t give a damn what ever color, believes they had, but they were human that deserved to stay alive.

After so many years there are no proved of any WMD in Iraq, they never found any Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, however those countries are totally ruined now, and still lack of democracy! What we read and heard from Western newspaper and medias, is the birth of newly corrupt regimes under the control of foreign allies!

If the case happened in Serbia, they will bring the former Serbian leaders into the international court of justice! Now what about those who are responsible to Iraq, and Afghan Wars and Libya recently? Should our eyes closed because they are super power? For me, personally, I wish, there will be no person like Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi exist, especially not in my country Indonesia!

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