POLITICS: Why the National Democratic Party Developed Rapidly

POLITICS: Why the National Democratic Party Developed Rapidly

The existence and rapid development of the National Democratic Party (Partai Nasional Demokrat/Partai Nasdem) that is established in the end of 2011 is inseparable with the involvement of two media moguls: Surya Paloh from Media Group and Hary Tanoesoedibjo from MNC (PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk) group; The two groups that respectively run: Metro TV and RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia)

These private sector TV stations are broadly known in Indonesia as the largest TV media, and also as a clean media that forbid their journalists to accept envelopes (bribe) from any individuals or institutions. By this policy, the two TV stations appeared as the most trust-able,  factual and balance information resources that public can rely on

Surya Paloh with his Media Group is always in the very front line in helping the poor either in endemics or during natural disasters. It was him and his group who among others that firstly arrived when the Tsunami occurred in Aceh, Sumatra in December 2004, or when the social unrest that killed many people occurred in Moluccas, or in many other parts of Indonesia that suffered by natural calamities.

The MNC group with RCTI is also always in the front line in organizing helps for people who are affected by various diseases besides of many other programs they hold for helping the poor.  The two tycoons (Surya Paloh and Hary) are the men with the golden heart who love and dedicate their wealth for their nation and the people.

I do not know them in person, but as a writer I watch them both very closely, their movement, their passions for the advancement of their nation  as well as their rhetoric idealism for the restoration of the nation which they think is nowadays lack of nationalism and full with corruption.

I am not a partisan, but with the lack of trust from people towards political parties today, no wonder if National Democratic Party was able to take over the popularity of the already existing political parties, which based on the survey made by LSI (Lembaga Survey Indonesia) they even able to sit at number 4 most popular party in Indonesia after Golkar (Golongan Karya) number 1, PDIP (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan) number 2 and Partai Demokrat (The ruling party) at number 3.

The National Democratic Party obtained their current achievements by hard works and continues dedication to the nation and the people. Many people especially the poor are benefiting from their works and their efforts to create clean environment in the law and justice in the country. They are against racism and they firmly committed to maintain equal right among religions, genders and tribe-ism and support the pluralism of Indonesia.

It is not easy for Indonesian people to trust any political parties anymore. It depends on the National Democratic Party itself. If they want to get trust, they should be like what they wanted to be as what they are now.

BSD City, 20 March 2012, Neneng Tarigan


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