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  • By appointment only for exclusive products at Second BENANE FASHION shop, #7, Sector 1.6 Blok B. I, BSD City.
  • Various designs are available at Benane Fashion shop. Please visit us at Upper Ground, Block C 8 #5, ITC, BSD Serpong or visit our link.
  • Order juga dapat dilakukan melalui buku tamu kami. (Order can also be made at our guest book at
  • Pesan langsung dengan nomor kode foto ke atau sms ke +628978810999 (Please place your order directly with code number of the photographs to or text message to +628978810999). Semua harga belum termasuk biaya asuransi dan transport (All prices before insurance and transportation cost).
  • Discount 5%, for purchase above IDR 500,000.- Price not included transportation cost. Free transportation cost for purchase above IDR 1,500,000.- (for all Indonesian area) Every Saturday and Sunday we give 20% discount for three first customer who book on line. Diskon 5%, untuk pembelian diatas Rp 500.000,- Tidak termasuk ongkos kirim. Bebas ongkos kirim untuk pembelian diatas Rp 1.500.000,- (Untuk seluruh daerah di Indonesia) Setiap Sabtu dan Minggu kami memberikan diskon 20% bagi setiap 3 orang pembeli pertama. For Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012, all items in our shops are subject to additional 5% discount.


Approaching Idul Fitri end of August 2011, I would like to share some ideas which I quoted from my friends’ links such as Maduretno and the other well known Indonesian designers Anna Avantie and Deden Kuswondo. These are few designs that I think the most appropriate to celebrate the great season with Indonesian Original Batiks Cultural Heritages. Here are some examples for you, all of the designs and patterns created by the Indonesian artists as well as the manual drawings and coloring of the processing of the batiks are real hand made. The materials are also available at the Benane Fashion Shop, Upper Ground, C8/5, ITC, BSD City Tanggerang, Indonesia. Or you can also email me at or order on-line at

Batik, Traditional Fabric of Indonesia

It would be impossible to visit or live in Indonesia and not be exposed to one of the country’s most highly developed art forms, batik. On your first visit to a batik store or factory you will undoubtedly experience an overwhelming stimulation of the senses – due to the many colors, patterns and the actual smell of batik. Only through repeated visits and a bit of study will the types of designs and their origins become apparent.

The word batik is thought to be derived from the word ‘ambatik’ which translated means ‘a cloth with little dots’. The suffix ‘tik’ means little dot, drop, point or to make dots. Batik may also originate from the Javanese word ‘tritik’ which describes a resist process for dying where the patterns are reserved on the textiles by tying and sewing areas prior to dying, similar to tie dye techniques. Another Javanese phase for the mystical experience of making batik is “mbatik manah” which means “drawing a batik design on the heart”.

A Brief History

Although experts disagree as to the precise origins of batik, samples of dye resistance patterns on cloth can be traced back 1,500 years ago to Egypt and the Middle East. Samples have also been found in Turkey, India, China, Japan and West Africa from past centuries. Although in these countries people were using the technique of dye resisting decoration, within the textile realm, none have developed batik to its present day art form as the highly developed intricate batik found on the island of Java in Indonesia.
For more information Check this link:

KEBAYA: The Indonesian National Dress

Check here the Modern Kebaya by Indonesian Well Known Designers.

Anne Avantie for Wedding or Party and the last picture at the botom is by Deden Siswanto for Wedding.




ITC, BSD, Upper Ground, Block C8 # 5, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD City), Tanggerang

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