Love letter to my dearest beloved Komodos:
My dear ancient creature Komodos, I will not shy to promote u to the whole world…. to show them how dearest I love u all. I wish they will all vote for you as one of The World New 7 Wonders, so that your islands will be preserved only for you, so that you can grow your upbringing to be witnessed by many generations to come. So that people would believe that you ever exist in this beautiful world. I will put your link here for them all to easily vote for you. Together we pray for yr continued existence in the islands. I love you more and more every single day. I love you so much Komodos….. I wish you can remain live in this beautiful world. never leave this world Komodos. Never be like dinosaurs or the dragons that left the world remain be the legend of world history. Live with us Komodos forever, because I believe all human being love you back……..

With all my love,

Neneng Tarigan .

Please vote for Komodo Island as one of the world New 7 Wonders so that we can protect the species or the komodo dragon, the largest ancient giant reptile from becoming extinct. There quite a lot of number of different kind of endanger specious living in the island such as various kind of snakes, turtles, fishes….So, we all have to preserve the place and let the island empty. Only limited number of people living there and a big no to build an airport in order to maintain the ecosystem for the komodos to be able to still living in this beautiful world. Tourists are allowed to come and stay and enjoyed the atmosphere and the adventure in the island

THE KOMODO ISLAND: Home for the Komodos.

Note: All of the pictures in this post are not belong to the author, but quoted from various sources in the internet, for non commercial purpose.



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  1. Abhisek says:

    I voted for them Neneng.You can find them in some parts of India as well. 🙂

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