INDONESIA: the Exquisitely Unique Country on Earth

Indonesia, the largest archipelago country in the world, having more than 17,000 islands, with 450 local dialects and ethnic groups, various religions and believes, abundant natural resources and rich forestry and fauna; have created Indonesia as one of the most unique country on earth, that has a broader variety of choices for your reasons to choose and the best  place to visit!

Although Indonesia in some extend is still having a little lack in basic infrastructures such as roads, transportations, electricities and water supplies, especially in some of her isolated areas or remote islands; million of intriguing tourists are still visiting and exploring the majestic beauty and exquisite look of this magical country.

Its richness in natural resources, mining, forestry, parades of volcanic mountains, savanna, fauna and warmth tropical weather with wet seasons from October to April and dry season from April to October, besides the  blessing that Indonesia also has snow in its Mount Jaya Wijaya Papua; these all make Indonesia the best destination to travel at all time.

Shopping in all territories of Indonesia is enjoyable and easy. The Indonesian goods both modern and traditional is internationally known for its best quality, well designed and fair price. Hotels, big and small are available in almost every corner of the country; and Indonesian peoples in general are very friendly people and they would surely welcome the visitors with their friendly gestures and hospitality.

Having experiences of living, traveling or staying in 45 countries out side of  my country Indonesia, I could firmly convince everyone, that Indonesia, is one of the best place to travel in the world. I highly recommend everybody to put Indonesia in her/his travel destination target.

We really would like to share the beauty of Indonesia with the rest of the world! We have existing cultures, natural heritages and ancient animals that still exist up to this date. Come and visit Indonesia! Enjoy our warmth welcome and friendship. Let us create peace together to make this world a better place to live.

The following slides just show you, some examples of Indonesia’s beautiful spots to visit and after that I will show you some spa, massage, handicrafts etc that make Indonesia is the most unforgettable one in your holidays. I assure you!

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Raja Ampat Island, Papua, Indonesia

Wayang Island, Papua, Indonesia

Besakih Temple, Bali.

Rinjani Mountain, Lombok.

Moyo Island, Lombok

Komodo Island

Megalitic house, Nias Island, Sumatra

Sidabutar-butar Tomb, Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra

Bali Island

Berastagi, Sumatra


Old harbor, Jakarta, is still in full operational

Central Kalimantan.

Note: Most of the pictures here are taken from various sources and not belong to the author. The purpose is only to promote the author’s country Indonesia to the whole world, not for any commercial profit for the author.



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