I have so many dreams that I would like to pursue, one of them is to visit this beautiful country. When I was study and posted in the Netherlands, back in 1980s to 1990s, I dare not go to this country because of safety reason, though it might not be true. So after my retirement, I was thinking, it is time to visit Ireland today, and yes, finally I found how grateful I am for the blessing God allows me and how very much I fallen in love with this beautiful country. I don’t want to take much of your time, I present my story in slides with little comment in it, with hope that you can also enjoy the beauty of the country!

Part 1. DUBLIN

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Part 2. My Guardian Angel in Dublin:

“Hey” she said:” You again. We met at Information Desk at O’ Connell remember?” Yes, of course I remember this young lady Viktoria Kozmon, a Slovakian girl who worked at Tourism Information Centre in Dublin and who helped directed me in using the Dublin Pass in combination with Hop on Hop off and the Air Coach. It was because of her information I was then able to maximally enjoyed my 3 days exploration of the City and return to the airport 4 days after, using the air coach.

Part 3: Never Look Down the Irish Driver!

I think, Irish drivers are the most qualified as professional  drivers in the world. They are not only driving, but they can be our great guides and very knowledgable historian at the same time. Maybe only in Ireland we can find professional and very effective drivers like them. Please take note that many roads in Ireland, especially in the country sides are small, but they can drive skilfully while telling us all the story and history of magical Ireland!

 Part 4: Historical Dublin

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7 Responses to DUBLIN – IRELAND

  1. thekingpin68 says:

    Very clean and historical city. I visited there once back in 1995.


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  3. Jessica says:

    Great Article.. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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