If you wanted to observe my view about Japanese people after 30 years elapsed, since my first visit to this beautiful country in 1980, please open my blog http://neneng-tarigan.blogspot.com under page entitled PEOPLE.
I dedicate my writing about “Japan after 30 years” also in honor to the Then Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellency Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, who is just recently resigned from his very dignitary post as the Prime Minister of an advanced economic country like Japan.  He made this decision after he has seen his poll ratings plummet from more than 70 percent to below 20 percent amid a row over an unpopular US army base on the southern island of Okinawa.
As the news says; Hatoyama initially promised to move the base off the island but backtracked and decided to keep it there. Hatoyama admitted that his government’s work has not reflected the public’s wishes, and that he have caused trouble for the people of Okinawa.
This kind of regrets and responsibilities shows by Hatoyama is a reflexivity of almost all of Japaneses solid tradition and fighting spirit “to better die than bearing the shame”. The tradition that we could hardly find in any other modern societies today.
The epic resignation of Hatoyama and many other Japanese dignitaries before him, proved my argumentation how Japanese people could maintain their tradition for thousands of years. The Samurai spirit has never ended at Tokugawa Shogun Era, or the era of the Samurai, neither now, because this spirit is running in the blood of the majority of Japanese people!


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